Lake Digital

Your Digital Champion

Lake Digital is a premier digital solutions and services provider.
Delivering scalable ad campaigns, CRM management, data integrations, marketing automation, and optimization.


Delivering results for clients worldwide


Lake Digital was born to help businesses, and nonprofits, grow.

Founded by Andy Tabar, we are a growing digital agency representing a fusion of modern and strategic marketing practices. We are headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, with a client presence in Nashville, NYC and beyond.

Our clients span across industries and also include international nonprofits and social enterprises.

Converting Clicks into Growth

Results we are generating:


  • - An increase in Leads generated in an average month


  • - A reduction in Cost Per Qualified Lead


  • - An increase in Click Thru Rate


  • - Continuous growth of marketing/sales database
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Our Services
Paid Media
Get control and clarity of your digital advertising performance and results, while making a measurable impact. Pay Per Click, Display, Email, Social, and traditional sponsorships. Get started today.
Inbound Marketing
Generate Leads. Win. Repeat. Step ahead of the competition by owning your position in the market.
Inbound Sales & Enablement
CRM? New sales opportunities? Sales team? Yes, you probably already have them.
Bring it all together in a sales environment and process that is designed for growth.
Email Marketing & Lead Nurturing
Maximize marketing and sales opportunities by leveraging email campaigns and 1:1 email personalization.
Data & Analytics
It’s all in the numbers. Go beyond reporting and engage in true analytics and optimization efforts for your next campaign.
Training & Consultation
Enhance your internal sales and marketing potential with training and consulting services. We’re here to help.
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